10 Best Non-Japanese Anime Characters

The anime world is as large and diverse as the real world, so even though most shows are set in their home countries and focus on Japanese characters related to their target audience, there are plenty of anime characters out there. anime from all over the world. Anime often ventures to different countriesexploring different cultures and the people who inhabit them.

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Foreign anime characters aren’t new, but they bring a brilliant variety of perspectives and backgrounds to their show’s landscape. Be it a single exchange student at a Japanese high school, member of an international community or character of a series set in another country, the anime has dozens of multi-faceted non-Japanese characters. These heroes stand out as some of the most interesting representations of different cultures in anime.

10/10 Caesar Zeppeli comes from a renowned Italian lineage

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is famous for its cultural diversity, with different seasons taking place all over the world, from Egypt to Switzerland. The two descendants of the Joestar line and various secondary characters in the series have different nationalities.

One of the most beloved JoBros in the series, Fight Tendency Caesar Zeppeli, is an Italian Ripple user who trained with Lisa Lisa in Venice before partnering with Joseph in Rome. He is the grandson of the series’ first JoBro, Will Anthonio Zeppeli, and is extremely proud of his family name and heritage.

9/10 Ri Shin wants to make an impact on Chinese history


The historical seinen series Kingdom loosely adapts the Warring States period of ancient Chinese history. The show’s protagonist, Ri Shin, is a brash but extremely loyal Qin general and the leader of the Hi Shin army.

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Ri Shin is a proud and inspiring warrior, able to unite his soldiers through his personal example. His brash personality causes Ri Shin to clash with many other characters and often put his life in danger. However, of the Kingdom The hero deserves respect for never giving up on his dream of unifying all of the Central Plains and becoming the greatest general under the heavens.

8/10 The Dutch served in the US military before establishing the Lagoon company

black lagoon

The black lagoon Dutch is an African-American former sailor who gave up his duties to work as a mercenary in Thailand shortly after the Vietnam War. Although the leader of the Lagoon Company, Dutch prefers to stay out of the direct line of fire, finding his forces better suited to planning and negotiating. Nevertheless, no one would ever take him for a weakling.

Dutch’s muscular build and combat experience make him a jack-of-all-trades. This level-headed giant is the brains of the Lagoon Company, prioritizing handling the toughest missions with precision and pragmatism.

7/10 Fyodor Dostoyevsky came to Yokohama from Russia in search of the book

Bungou Stray Dogs

Despite being a cunning and manipulative villain, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Bungou Stray Dogs won the adoration of fans with his captivating personality and intriguing characterization. Based on a famous novelist of the same name, Fyodor is a Russian criminal mastermind currently operating in Yokohama, Japan.

Like most Bungou Stray Dogs antagonists, Fyodor wishes to obtain the Book, a mystical artifact capable of transforming everything written in it into reality. Despite facing some of Yokohama’s strongest ability users, Fyodor is never afraid of his opponents, confident in his ability to outwit any foe.

6/10 Ladd Russo is a notorious Italian mob hitman from Chicago


The iconic series of supernatural mysteries Baccano! is set in Chicago, making most of its American dynamic cast. The show’s most charismatic and popular antagonist, Ladd Russo, comes from an Italian family that emigrated to the United States in the late 1800s.

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Despite his ordinary upbringing, Ladd grew up as a ruthless and maniacal killer, infamous for his uncontrollable bloodlust. As a teenager, Ladd became involved in his uncle’s mob business, making hits for the Russo family and making a name for himself as a Chicago underworld joker.

5/10 Oscar François De Jarjayes guards the Queen of France

The Rose of Versailles

One of Riyoko Ikeda’s most iconic heroes The Rose of Versailles, Oscar François de Jarjayes, is inspired by a real historical figure, the French general Pierre-Augustin Hulin. Unlike her archetype, Oscar is a female soldier. Although he was raised as a boy, had military training, and served as Marie Antoinette’s bodyguard, Oscar is very open about being a woman.

Oscar’s androgynous appearance allowed him to gain power and influence at the Court of France, which was generally inaccessible to women at the time. The Rose of Versailles is a unique take on some of the most infamous periods in French history, combining historical fiction with deep character drama.

4/10 Laurent Thierry’s work has taken him from Belgium all over the world

good suitor

The charming protagonist of good suitor, masterful crook Laurent Thierry, is a citizen of the world, establishing an international career as an expert crook. Laurent grew up in Brussels, Belgium with his French mother, developing an interest in different languages ​​and cultures from early childhood.

As a child, Laurent dreamed of becoming a diplomat. Although his aspirations were never realized, his unorthodox line of work still benefited from the man’s worldliness and linguistic fluency. Despite being a con man, Laurent only swindles corrupt and criminal people who exploit their wealth, making him an honorable man at heart.

3/10 Victor Nikiforov began his career as a figure skater in Russia

Yuri!!! On the ice

The magnificent and extremely talented deuteragonist of Yuri!!! on the iceViktor Nikiforov is famous even in the universe of his own show. He won five consecutive World Championships, numerous European Championships and five consecutive Grand Prix Finals in men’s figure skating, making him a legend in the field.

Victor was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, the mecca of figure skating. His phenomenal career is based on a real Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, who once held a record for most Olympic medals in figure skating.

2/10 Thorfinn was born in the harsh Icelandic winter

Vinland Saga

The story is full of fascinating cues that inspire creators to use real events as narrative backdrops. One of the most popular historical anime epics, Vinland Sagais set in the early 11th century and follows the Danish invaders of England, the Vikings.

The series’ hero, Thorfinn, was born in Iceland, but his travels have taken him all over Northern Europe. While historical anime and manga are rarely praised for their accuracy, Vinland Saga value factuality. Thorfinn’s journey is a captivating, violent and bewitching chronicle of one of the most brutal periods in history.

1/10 Ash Lynx is used to New York’s crime scene

Banana Fish

During his life-changing trip to New York, banana fish Protagonist Eiji Okumura had a fateful encounter with Ash Lynx, an infamous American gang leader. While his occupation should have frightened the innocent Japanese journalist, Ash and Eiji became very close, with the latter becoming one of the only people Ash could trust.

In the end, the charisma, the intelligence of the gangster or even the love and confidence of Eiji could not save Ash from a cruel fate. banana fish The finale is sadly tragic, as its protagonist dies alone in the New York Public Library while reading Eiji’s letter.

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