5 cashback apps you need to fight inflation

When dollar stores don’t live up to their name and chicken wings have market prices on menus, is there such a thing as being too frugal? “We have never, ever seen [prices] like what we’re seeing right now,” restaurateur Jeff Good told The Washington Post. Luckily, virtually every retailer has an app these days, and if you don’t use them when shopping, you could be missing out on great deals.

If you like takeout or delivery, you can use the company’s apps to earn free rewards with every meal or drink you buy. The Starbucks app, for example, gives customers “stars,” which they can redeem for anything from beverage supplements to coveted Starbucks mugs. Many restaurant chains, from Wendy’s to Taco Bell, have similar loyalty apps to get free food or meal discounts.

Not a big fan of take-out orders? Its good; there are other ways to get app-based offers. First, try limiting which stores to visit using an app like Flipp, which lets you compare weekly sales flyers. Stores like Target and Walmart regularly offer exclusive discounts and coupons in their respective apps, which shoppers can redeem with store cards for cash back. You can maximize potential savings by combining offers and keeping an eye on current sales.

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