8 Really Useful Apps for Young Entrepreneurs

If you’re a budding entrepreneur, it’s not uncommon to dread the responsibility of running a business. It’s one thing to think of business ideas and quite another to run a business.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools available that can help make this process easier. Here are eight useful apps every young entrepreneur should have.

1. Pocket

One thing that almost all successful entrepreneurs seem to promote is reading. But you may not always have time to check something right away, even if it’s important to you. With Pocket, you can save content offline for later viewing anytime, on any device.

The tool is as useful as it is simple. You can create tags to better organize your saved items, listen to articles for better multitasking, and highlight text you find interesting. With Pocket Premium, you can use paid features like unlimited highlighting, customizable text and more.

To download: Pocket for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)


Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps for saving text, audio, images, emails, and PDFs in one place. Just like Pocket, you can organize these saved items into their relevant categories. What makes Evernote unique is its library of over 50 useful templates like daily planner, project outline, marketing plan, and event budget to help you achieve more.


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You can also add your team members as collaborators to brainstorm ideas together. Unfortunately, its free version only lets you sync your data across two devices. But you can subscribe to its premium plans to access more features and increase your monthly download limit.

To download: Evernote for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

3. Canvas

If hiring a graphic designer isn’t an immediate (or affordable) priority for you, Canva is a great replacement. It is a beginner-friendly design tool that helps you create all kinds of visual content. We’re talking infographics, flyers, posters, invoices, business cards, PPTs, checklists, and more.

With its huge library of over 250,000 free templates, you can use Canva for just about anything. Be it social media marketing, business presentations or anything else. While collaborating with your team in real time.

Canva’s highly intuitive user interface makes it fun to experiment with different colors, fonts, themes, graphics, and backgrounds to find your unique style. You can also upgrade to Canva Pro to access a wider selection of stock images, premium templates, and special features.

To download: Canva for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

4. Buffer

Buffer is perhaps the most popular social media marketing toolkit among entrepreneurs and small business owners. At its core, it’s an automation tool that helps you schedule and post content to your social media channels at the right time to get maximum reach. This makes it easier to plan Instagram posts, for example.

You can also use Buffer to view your performance analytics, create detailed reports, and create specialized teams by assigning roles and managing who has access to what. With its free plan, you can manage up to three social channels and schedule up to 10 posts per channel.

To download: Buffer for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

5. Toggle Track

Toggl Track is a time management app that lets you track the number of hours you work on a project or for a client. It is ideal for freelancers who bill on an hourly basis. You can organize your entries with custom tags, get reports on your working hours, and use a Pomodoro timer to help you focus better.

The free plan includes unlimited time tracking, idle time detection, data synchronization across multiple devices, and more. If you want to upgrade, you can start a 30-day free trial. Premium plans let you mark billable entries, save reports, create tasks, and choose from templates.

To download: Toggle Track for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

6. Trello

Trello is a collaborative project management tool designed to help you create and assign tasks, set project priorities and deadlines, and visualize progress. It is centered on the Japanese Kanban workflow management technique used to organize, manage and track projects at different stages.

Trello organizes tasks using project boards and cards to help you visualize your progress. The app is great for managing simple tasks and small teams, but as your projects get more complex, the Kanban technique can start to feel a bit inadequate.

To download: Trello for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

7. Fresh Books

Bookkeeping can be tedious and confusing, and if you plan to do it yourself, FreshBooks can help. It is an accounting tool designed to simplify the management of payroll, inventory, invoicing and invoicing. It is ideal for small businesses, freelancers and sole proprietors.

With FreshBooks, you can track your expenses, create and send invoices, respond to customer feedback, among other things.

Unfortunately, FreshBooks does not offer a free plan but a 30-day free trial. Its premium plans let you create custom email signatures, track project profitability, remove FreshBooks branding from your emails, track bill payments, and send unlimited invoices to unlimited clients.

To download: FreshBooks for Android | iOS (subscription required, free trial available)

8. Headspace

Being an entrepreneur is not only about managing people, time and money, but also about your stress levels and overall mental health. Headspace can help you achieve this goal. It’s a meditation app designed to be as flexible as your needs.

You can use Headspace to sleep better, track your workout time, and improve your focus. The app offers 10 free meditation sessions, but if you want to access more sessions, you need to upgrade to Headspace Pro.

To download: Headspace for Android | iOS (free, subscription available)

If you’re a young entrepreneur, it’s essential to be armed with the right tools to increase productivity, save time, and organize resources. Download the eight apps above to better manage your business and manage your personal well-being without compromising the quality of your work.

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