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If you like mobile games that mix puzzle-solving and pixelated aesthetics, the title we’re talking about today might pique your interest.

Is called The unreal life and it is the story of a journey and an adventure in which you must compare memories of the past with the present, solve mysteries and enter environments that will trap you.

In Unreal Life, you put yourself in the shoes of a girl who has lost her memory and only remembers one name, Miss Sakura. To find out more about herself, she sets out on a journey to find said woman. In this trip, she is not alone, since she is accompanied by a talking traffic light.

The protagonist has the ability to unlock experiences by touching objects or things, exploring what each of them meant.

History will take one course or another, depending on the decisions and actions you take. There are four different endings.

Indie and award-winning

Behind this title hides the independent game label Yokazethis being one of his first creations.

Before reaching the mobile world, this game was released on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Additionally, it won a “New Faces Award” at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

The unreal life East available on Google Play and the App Store. To download it, you will have to pay 6.99 euros.

Unreal Life, an indie game that mixes pixel art, memory loss and mysteriesUnreal Life, an indie game that mixes pixel art, memory loss and mysteries

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