Google TV streaming services and apps: the complete list


Perhaps the most useful aspect of the new Google TV platform is the ability to aggregate and organize content from various sources. Which ones, however? Here is a complete list of streaming services and apps supported by Google TV.

Of course, Google can pull content from its own services such as YouTube TV and also Google TV (formerly Play Movies). Beyond that, however, there are plenty of third-party services. Major players like Disney +, Hulu, and HBO Max are included, as well as NBC’s Peacock. The full list of services and apps supported by Google TV in the US can be found below.

Google TV streaming services and apps – United States

  • ABC
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • AMC
  • Apple TV +
  • A&E
  • Central comedy
  • Crackle
  • Crunchyroll / Fumimation
  • DC Universe
  • Disney NOW
  • Disney +
  • Epix now
  • Fox now
  • FuboTV
  • Google Play Movies (now Google TV)
  • Hulu
  • HBO Go
  • HBO Max
  • Story
  • Kocowa
  • Lifetime
  • MTV
  • CNB
  • Pantaya
  • Paramount + (formerly CBS All Access)
  • peacock
  • Philo
  • Pluto TV
  • Show time
  • Show anytime
  • Slingshot television
  • Starz
  • TBS
  • The CW
  • TNT
  • Tubi TV
  • Viki / Rakuten
  • VH1
  • Youtube
  • YouTube TV

This list of supported streaming services will likely grow over time, so we’ll keep an eye out for changes on Google TV and update this article accordingly.

Update 15/11: Recently, Google TV added support for the Pantaya streaming service, which offers a large number of services in Spanish. This happened shortly after Google improved Spanish language support on Google TV.

Prior to this addition, the platform added further integration with Philo, Crunchyroll, Kocowa, and others.

The list above has also been updated to include Apple TV +, which was previously mistakenly omitted.

Apps that support the Live tab of Google TV

Some services may also integrate with the “Live” tab of the Google TV home screen. Currently, however, only three apps support this feature.

  • YouTube TV
  • Slingshot television
  • Philo

Why isn’t Netflix on Google TV?

Netflix is ​​a bit of an outlier on Google TV. The world’s largest streaming service, unfortunately, does not perform well with the platform. You can view Netflix content using the Google TV Directory Search feature, but Netflix prevents its original content from being used in the Watchlist feature. Netflix removed this support from the platform in late 2020, including support for account linking. This means that Google TV will not offer any recommendations for Netflix content. However, we have seen Netflix serving ads on Google TV in recent months.

The standoff over Netflix and Google TV support has been going on for about a year at this point and shows no signs of improving.

Google TV regional apps

Our list above shows the supported apps in the US, but Google TV supports the service in more regions as well. Below we have a list of fully supported apps in various other regions. Keep in mind, however, that because we are based in the United States, this section may not be complete. We are working on it!



  • myChannel
  • Salto


If you live in Austria, France, Germany, Japan or Switzerland and have access to Google TV, please contact us so that we can better fill this list!

Where are the Play Films app and the Play Store on Google TV?

The Google Play Movies & TV app that this new platform replaces had a similar function to Google TV by finding content on a variety of different services, but it was not widely used. By integrating with your account-wide Google Watchlist and being placed right on your TV, Google TV has a much better chance of supporting this feature.

Meanwhile, the Play Store does not appear as an app on Google TV either. The only easy way to open it is to ask the assistant to “open the Play Store”.

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