Gucci’s New Collaboration With Japanese Anime Bananya Now Available


After his unexpected collaboration with Doraemon, the Gucci fashion house continues to draw inspiration from anime.

The brand has released a new range of clothing and accessories featuring characters from Bananya, an animated series about tiny cats that live in banana peels (yes, really) that first aired in 2016. The name of the series is a mix of the word “banana” and does not have (which means ‘meow’ in Japanese), and each character has the upper body of a cat, with its lower half inside a banana peel.

The collection includes four women’s t-shirts (55,000 each) and three women’s sweatshirts (from 121,000) in different colors, two pairs of women’s sneakers (from 92,400), one pair of women’s sandals and a pair of men’s sneakers. , which are all printed with Bananya, the main character of the series, or his friend Tora-Bananya.

There are also two types of brooches and a gold necklace adorned with dazzling crystals. Prepare your wallet, however – the cheapest item in the entire line is one of the pins, which costs 53,900.

The Bananya collection is available online and at Gucci stores around the world, but the Web Stripe necklace and sneakers are sold exclusively through Gucci’s. official site.

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