Japanese AI almost won literary award


Many AIs are developed to sift through and give meaning to Big Data. But behind the scenes, others are learning softer human skills and deploying their algorithms to make art.

Monday, Hitoshi Matsubara, professor of computer science at Future University of Hakodate in northern Japan, announcement that his research team’s abridged novel, co-created with an AI, had passed the first selection of a national literary competition.

Although their creation did not win the grand prize, the human-machine collaboration showed the first promises of what could be, if the team’s AI was fine-tuned in the future.

“Until now, AI programs have often been used to solve problems that have answers, like Go and shogi,” Matsubara said in a report speak Yomiuri Shimbun. “In the future, I would like to expand the potential of AI [so it resembles] human creativity. “

The research team’s abridged novel was submitted for the Hoshi Shinichi Literary Prize, which accepts creative works of humans and machines. This year has seen the first entrants to AI.

Matsubara’s team provided a setting for the novel by choosing the gender of the characters and outlining the plot, but the AI ​​program was tasked with putting the pieces together by choosing specific phrases and words that had been put together. prepared by his human overlords.

The book, aptly titled “The day a computer writes a novel” (Konpyuta ga shosetsu wo kaku hi), is essentially told from the subjective of an AI which becomes aware of its emerging talents as a writer, and abandons its primary task of serving humanity.

This year, the Hoshi Literary Prize received 1,450 novels, 11 of which were made with AI programs. There are four stages in the competition and the judges don’t know which ones are written by humans and which are done by both humans and AI.

According to Satoshi Hase, a science fiction novelist, Matsubara’s novel was well structured, but still lacked fully developed characters.

In recent years, AI programs have helped humans do everything from generate rap lyrics To make beautiful art. While Matsubara’s first attempt may not have been strong enough to secure a place in Japan’s literary canon, who knows what the next version might achieve in the future.

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