Jordan Fisher on the challenges of dubbing Japanese anime into English


He also talks about how he keeps his voice fresh when working on Broadway.

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With the anime anthology series Star Wars: Visions now streaming on Disney +, I recently spoke with Jordan fisher about voicing one of the characters in the episode titled Wool. During the interview, Fisher spoke about what she was told about her episode and her character before signing, what people would be surprised to learn about the voice recording process, how though you match the Japanese dubbing, you have the freedom with your delivery, and Continued. Plus, he explained how he keeps his voice fresh and works when performing on Broadway.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, Star Wars: Visions brings together seven Japanese anime studios for nine standalone stories that take place at different points in the Star wars universe. Each studio uses its own style of animation and storytelling to offer episodes ranging from 13 to 22 minutes and featuring all types of characters and locations. If you are an anime fan and Star wars, you must push the reading on these episodes immediately.


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Take a look at what he had to say in the player above and below, this is exactly what we talked about and the

Jordan fisher

  • What’s cooler: Win Dancing with the stars or be a voice in Star wars?

  • How he is a huge fan of anime.

  • I jokingly ask how much he paid to be on the show.

  • What could he see from his episode before he dropped his voice?

  • How, even if you match the Japanese dub, you have the freedom of delivery.

  • What would people be surprised to learn about the voice recording process?

  • What’s the secret to keeping your voice fresh when performing on Broadway?


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