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Stay away from AIBO, a new Japanese robot competes for our love and affection. Spotted this week at Global Sources in Hong Kong, the aptly named LOVOT (Love x Robot) is an adorable little robot designed to win your heart. How does he plan to do this, you ask? For starters, he loves to be kissed and he will open his penguin arms to let you know when he wants a hug.

But that’s not all, unlike AIBO, this little bot is cuddly and warm! There’s also a camera mounted on LOVOT’s head, which looks extremely clunky and out of place, but it’s useful. Similar to AIBO, the camera allows LOVOT to perform facial recognition on people around it. He also uses the camera to follow you and LOVOT remembers how you interact with him.

The camera also allows LOVOT to have a telepresence feature so that you can communicate remotely with your family members. In addition, LOVOT can be used as a remote home security monitor and baby monitor. Last but not least, LOVOT contains pressure sensors and it can monitor the body temperature of those who hold it.

LOVOT can last up to 45 minutes of activity with one charge. When it starts to run out of battery, it will go ahead and return to its “Nest” charging base.

LOVOT speaks, but his language is limited to short sentences. Currently LOVOT’s language skills are limited to English and Japanese, but support for Chinese is on the way.

LOVOT also likes to play with other LOVOTS so depending on your color you may want to consider buying two. It should be noted that future LOVOTS should be interconnected with each other.

LOVOT is slated for release in the fourth quarter of this year in Japan first. Finally, LOVOT will travel to the United States in the second half of 2020. LOVOT will cost US $ 4,000.

LOVOT is an adorable Japanese robot competing with Sony's AIBO 16

Disclosure: Global Sources sponsored our trip to attend their exhibit. All thoughts and opinions are 100% ours.

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