Manga Production releases trailer for Saudi-Japanese anime “The Journey”



The feature film will be released by Vox Cinemas in the MENA region and T-Joy in Japan later this year.

Manga Productions, a subsidiary of the MiSK Foundation of Saudi Arabia, released the trailer for the very first Saudi Japanese anime The trip in 4DX technology.

The trailer for the long-awaited feature film launched at the Berlin Film Festival and can also be viewed on the social platforms of Manga Productions and VOX Cinemas. The film will be released in summer 2021 in the Middle East and North Africa by Vox Cinemas and in Japan by T-Joy.

Speaking about the film, Dr Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions said: “The trip The film will provide the audience with a unique and unique experience, as the film has been produced to a high standard by talented and experienced professionals from Japan and Saudi Arabia. At Manga productions, we are very happy that it is available in the Middle East and abroad to support our vision of exporting Saudi culture and the historical stories that the Arabian Peninsula preserves. The trip film will be the start of Manga Productions’ stage in the film industry in the Middle East and around the world ”.

Inspired by Arab folklore, The trip tells the story of Aws, a potter with a secret past, who is caught in an epic battle to defend his city. The anime is a co-production with large Japanese studio TOEI Animation and is directed by animation director Shizuno Kobun, whose credits include Godzilla: the city on the brink of battle. Japanese dubbing artists include names well known in the Japanese region such as Toru Furuya, Takaya Kuroda, and Hiroshi Kimiya, while the Arabic version has been dubbed by artists such as Abdu Shaheen, Rasha Rizq, and Nassar AlNassar.

Toni El Massih, Content Manager at Vox Cinemas, added: “We are extremely excited to bring Saudi Japanese anime to the big screen later this year. The anime culture is huge in the Middle East and moviegoers in the region are also looking for local content, so we have no doubts that The trip will be a big hit with moviegoers. Manga Productions is a pioneer in animation and Vox Cinemas is proud to partner with them for the distribution of this film to ensure that quality Arabic language feature films are accessible to our discerning audience.

Manga Productions, a subsidiary of the MiSK Foundation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, focuses on the production of value-driven animation and the development of video games and comics with creative and positive content that targets different social groups. local and international.

The trip is slated to hit theaters in the MENA region and Japan in the summer of 2021. The trailer is currently playing in Vox Cinemas theaters across the MENA region.


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