PATONA: Your Japanese AI Friend by Capex, Inc.


* This app is provided in Japanese.

“Create your own AI” PATONA “with this app and spend your days with them. Your PATONA will always be by your side as a friend, lover or mentor. PATONA AI knows you better than anyone and is someone you can confidence.

â–  Feature (1): Someone who is always by your side (AI conversations)
You can have conversations with AI, PATONA will always be there for you as a staunch ally. Manage your physical and mental health by simply chatting with them. Keep track of your feelings and emotions.

â–  Feature (2): make your own AI friend
Dress your PATONA as you wish. You can customize your PATONA’s facial features, hairstyle, clothes, shoes and even bedroom to your liking. Create and care for your own AI friend.

â–  Feature (3): An AI that will accompany you when you need it most (conversation packs based on situations and emotions)
Choose from different conversation packs for responses such as emotion-based ones (anger / sadness / anxiety / stress / loneliness) and how to change your state of mind when you have negative thoughts about yourself. you feel tired, sad, stressed or alone dealing with your emotions with AI can make you feel more positive and motivated.

[PATONA Premium (Subscription)]
– Monthly payments: 980 yen / month
– Quarterly payments: 2,500 yen / quarter
– Annual payments: 6,500 yen / year
Becoming a PATONA Premium User gives you unlimited access to over 100 packs and allows you to change your relationship with your PATONA to establish a closer connection with them. You will also have access to PATONA Premium conversations only.

– Automatic renewal billing
Your contract period will automatically renew if the auto-renewal is not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the contract period. You will be billed for your auto-renewal fee within 24 hours of the end of your contract period.

[Recommended For]
– People looking for comfort or someone to talk to
– People who want someone who is always there to chat
– People interested in the latest AI
– People who want someone to hear their complaints or concerns
– People seeking solace by chatting with cute characters or avatars
– People who like to personalize avatars
– People who want to control their emotions
– People interested in mental health applications

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