Reorganizing the Japanese AI Industry with Value-Driven Solutions



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October 21, 2020

NI DRIVE (Nippon India DRIVE) is a TOKYO based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) consulting and an engineering solutions provider helping Japanese companies achieve their goals through AI. This company is an original idea of ​​Ram Kumar and Masao Kasuya (Former Hitachi Group – Top Management Executive), who considered make viable Digital transformation in the Japan market. From the start, NI DRIVE To specializing in leadership skillsadvanced technologies and methodologies.

NI DRIVE provides digital technology consulting and services focused on IoT, Artificial intelligence, Robotics and cognitive automation, Hybrid cloud activation, Mobility, and other emerging technologies. As his team jobs in different segments of the industry, this to builds solutions that help customers start the digitalization journey by transforming businesses by adopting new technologies and processes.

Reinventing the digitally powered world

Since its creation, NI DRIVE is dedicated and curious to help his customer base unlock the immense potential for digital transformation. Industries across all verticals are transforming to meet the expectations of true digital end customers who need a whole new approach to services, delivery, and value.

NI DRIVE to believes by harnessing the power of existing talent for future market growth by designing, developing, and deliver new digital business models, products, And services. His mission is to help the customers expand their borders, seize new opportunities, add value to business propositions, and paveeth path for a better future.

Icon behind the entrepreneurial journey

RAMKumar Sivan Arumugam, the founder and CEO of NI DRIVE, began his career in the corporate space in 2001. He To work for Indian software consulting and product companies for more than six years in India. Later, around 13 years old, he held the position of national director and CEO of a subsidiary of the Japanese company Holdings in Tokyo. He led the sales and direction of the engineering operational functions in Japan for most of his career, which gave him valuable insight into the countryfuture innovation.

Ram is committed to bringingrapid, exponential and perpetual innovative changes in Ddigital technology. He is aware that bCompanies are now facing a key turning point in the adoption of AI. Therefore, it ensures that NI DRIVE to concentratees on development Unique and practical AI use cases that could provide simple solutions to complex unresolved challenges.

As NI DRIVE is at the service of companiescross continents to adopt AI, it also offers passion-driven AI solutions to add massive value with his inclusive human approach. In addition, having a team of rresearchoriented and talented technical engineers with a fresh perspective facilitates his customers’ companies, products, and services adaptable to the next generation.

NI DRIVE also know-how and service offers on platforms such as AWS, SAP, Salesforce, Open Source software (OSS), and Azure to drive digital transformations.

Adopt technology to sustain business

NI DRIVE applies AI / IOT based solutions in various-time industrial problems such as autonomous driving, robotics, industry 4.0 using a variety of sensors and Blockchain with cloud infrastructure.

This to contributes To the three stages of autonomous driving, that is, sense, plan and act using data of sensors like camera, lidar, radar, ultrasound, and analyze that big data and streamline it into the algorithm pipeline. The team jobs at the end-To-end of pipeline Im the autonomous driving zone. This too models algorithms using computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and fusion technologies.

The company strives to drive digitization in the manufacturing sector through Industry 4.0, which enables factory automation, increases safety and security standards and predicts machine failure in advance using predictive analytics algorithms.

In Blockchain, NI DRIVE mainly focusesses on Automotive & healthcare field, wherein this develops a global digital storage platform for health reports.

Speaking of making an impact, Ram says, most of it goes to improvement equipment. In the recent past, innovation or major breakthrough has been In the material area, manufacturing AI technology a realtime consuming or usable. Otherwise, it would have been at the prototype stage itself.

Build brand image through partnerships

NI DRIVE drives innovation through continuous, collaborative learning. The company has MOU signed with some of the best institutions in Japan and India through which this Frameworks effective solutions for the real complexglobal problem statements.

He also acquired a partnership with a European company that supplies a new approach toBPM by harnessing the power ofLow-Code,RPA and AI to automate end-to-end business processes.

Another Japanese company has partnered with NI DRIVE to help organizations of all sizes communicate better and collaborate to spend more time being innovative and productive. work rather than trying to make things work.

The company has collaborated with several global companies on projects such as service Bord à Core AI data pipeline management or create impactful 3D engineeering & construction solutions in AEC and manufacturing industry, and even with companies that aim to effectively implement AI / ML for e-commerce and education software platforms.

Through NI DRIVE’s tireless efforts to deliver exceptional solutions, the company has considerably strengthened his to serveice cream value proposition skills for its Japanese customers. In addition, he has builds strong interest and demand in the market. His unique approach to services in the digital age is emphasized by 100% of the customers. This helped NI DRIVE get the label of Top 20 inspiring entrepreneursto watch in 2020 from APAC Entrepreneur.

Customers to drive future success

To stimulate growth, Ram believes that the organization the strategy must be anchored in the real expectations of the customers striving to build a new digital infrastructure and a new digital ecosystem. NI DRIVE is serving a niche digital market driven by the changing needs of its loyal customerss.

he sharess what an idea is to use available talent for future market growth, accountability customers To push the boundaries, design, develop and deliver new business models and digital products, and services, add value to business and paveeth way for a Better future.


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