Rick and Morty drop Japanese anime short while waiting for rest of season 4


While the second half of Rick and morty season 4 still has no release date, its US broadcaster Adult Swim gave us a surprise short this weekend called “Samurai & Shogun”, which as you might expect is giving us a makeover. on the Japanese theme at Rick and morty. In addition to their respective roles – Rick and morty Japanese dub artists Youhei Tadano and Keisuke Chiba play Rick WTM-72 and Shogun Morty – the five-minute short film is made in anime style by Tokyo-based Studio DEEN with writer-director Kaichi Satō, producer Koji Iijima and executive producer Maki Terashima-Furuta.

In “Samurai & Shogun”, Rick WTM-72 and Shogun Morty travel through a wasteland when several Ninja Ricks emerge from the portals. One of them states that they are looking for Rick WTM-72 because he allegedly kidnapped Shogun Morty. Before he can complete his requests, Rick WTM-72 runs and begins a massacre, killing every Ninja Rick that approaches him. Straight out of Japanese anime, the spurts of blood are like fountains, as are the exaggerated screams of those who die. Rick WTM-72 takes on all kinds of enemies as “Samurai & Shogun” progresses.

As Senior Vice President and Creative Director of Adult Swim, Jason DeMarco has already confirmed on Twitter, the Rick and morty The short film “Samurai & Shogun” is inspired by the manga Lone Wolf & Cub, created by writer Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima in 1970. At the short’s premiere on Saturday, DeMarco also revealed that his team “has spent a year putting on [it] together”.

This is not the first time that Adult Swim has devoted itself to producing a thematic short film that stands out from the continuity of the series. There was also the Australian themed one in April 2018 called “Bushworld Adventures”. And we also got the one where Morty went on a “weird trip” after dropping a vial of LSD in “Exquisite Corpse.”

Rick and morty the episodes – not the shorts – are available on Netflix in India.

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