Saudi-Japanese anime “The Journey” to premiere in six European countries


The agreement establishes future partnerships in the distribution of cinematographic works between the two companies.

Manga Productions, a subsidiary of the Misk Foundation, has signed a cooperation agreement with Koch Media, a film distribution company, for the distribution of Saudi-Japanese anime The trip in Germany and in five other European countries namely Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

The signing took place digitally in the presence of representatives of both companies in Riyadh and Berlin.

Koch Media is expected to start distributing and showing the highly anticipated film to European audiences, offering viewers the opportunity to learn more about the culture of the Arabian Peninsula and its rich and inspiring stories.

Speaking about the deal, Dr Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions, said: “After the resounding success of the film The trip, which aired in nine countries in the Arab world and Japan, and received favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike, we are pleased to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with Koch Media Company. This chord facilitates the first of The trip on the European continent, where the film will be screened in six countries. Our partnership with the prestigious Koch Media Company ensures that our Saudi culture is represented as we benefit from their vast experience in distributing artwork. We will continue our mission to create inspiring content for all audiences and our heroes in the future, let us reveal our Saudi creativity to the world.

Stefan Kapelari, Managing Director of Koch Media GmbH and Koch Films GmbH in Planegg in Germany and Koch Media SRL in Milan / Italy, added: “Koch Media is always looking to attract original and high quality content. From this moment we are happy to publish The trip as the first anime in the Arab market, because we consider it to be a high quality film in terms of drawing, animation and story. We hope this partnership will mark the start of a long-term relationship with Manga Productions in the creative content industry.

The trip is the first Saudi film to feature a cinematic experience in 4DX technology.

Directed by Shizuno Kobon, the film tells an epic about the ancient civilizations of the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, and establishes a historical fantasy for future generations.

Manga Productions, an affiliate of the SAR Mohammed bin Salman Charitable Foundation (MiSK Foundation) produces animation projects and video games aimed at carrying the Saudi message globally through professional works that include distinguished creative content. . The company also offers Saudi talent training opportunities in partnership with Toei Animation Studios in Japan, with the aim of transferring knowledge and locating the creative industry in the Kingdom.

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