Sony to Roll Out PS5 Screenshot to PS Apps Worldwide

When you are playing a game on your PS5 and want to save and share screenshots or video captures, it currently takes a lot of steps and is not very convenient. But it looks like Sony will soon be rolling out a new feature that will sync those captures to your PS app. It has actually been in beta testing stage in Japan and Canada and now some users in the US and Germany have access to the feature as well.

According to Push Square, Sony is gradually rolling out this feature which will allow PlayStation 5 users to access videos and screenshots they have captured on their console by syncing them to the connected smartphone. They’ve soft-launched this feature in Japan and Canada, so it looks like they’re going to expand it to other territories and maybe even bring it globally. Some users in the US and Germany have already seen it on their PlayStation app.

What users see is a prompt to enable auto-download. Once you do, screenshots and videos will automatically download from your PS5 to the PS app on your smartphone. But if you want to do it manually in case you aren’t prompted, go to your media gallery on your console to set up syncing. On your PS app, tap the Create button to be able to access videos and screenshots. Well, at least that’s how it should be on paper.

The prompt indicates that these media will be available on the app for 14 days after they are created. Video clips are also limited to just three minutes or less. And if you want to change the auto-upload settings, you’ll need to do so through the Captures and Streams section of your PS5 console. Some users who saw the feature on their devices eventually lost it, so it must still be a test or soft release for other territories.

Hopefully they eventually roll it out globally. Currently, some users upload their screenshots or videos to social media or send them as messages to others for you to download and save.

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