The best entertainment and lifestyle apps of 2021

More and more Filipinos have embraced the digital life. Especially in times of pandemic, they have also started to rely heavily on mobile apps not only for messaging or socializing, but also for work, education, entertainment, health, etc. It seems that every need has a corresponding application.

In this issue, the Lifestyle & Entertainment section of The Manila Times lists some of the best mobile apps available today.

In a country with the longest enforced lockdown, home entertainment is the way to deal with cabin fever.

While Netflix remains the top choice of entertainment apps for streaming TV and movies in 2021 – international streaming guide JustWatch released an internal study showing that Netflix has the 35% streaming market share in the Philippines in Q1 2021 – more subscription video-on-demand platforms with their original content are now available to Filipinos.

HBO Go. This regional streaming service offers a mix of blockbuster movies, dramas and comedies, as well as content for children and family, including originals from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. and HBO Max. Recently they have also produced Filipino content such as “On the Job: The Missing 8” and “7 Days of Hell” by Erik Matti and “Gensan Punch” by Brillante Mendoza.

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iQIYI. Viewers can explore popular Asian dramas, shows and movies from various niches in iQIYI. What makes it unique is its immensely huge library and multilingual support with availability in Mandarin, English, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, and always in addition. Last November, the global streaming service teamed up with ABS-CBN to produce original Filipino shows for their subscribers around the world, including the recent “Saying Goodbye” headlined by Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin, and “Hello , Heart “with Gigi De Lana and Gérald Anderson.

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WeTV iflix. It’s the home of the most captivating originals, heart-wrenching dramas, top-notch variety shows, and light romantic comedies, all bundled together for a premium streaming experience. The platform has already produced a number of Filipino original series including “Beauty and the Boss”, “B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy”, “BetCin”, “The Kangks Show” and soon, “Drag Den with Manila Lucon. “

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Vivamax. All the best Filipino blockbuster movies and hit TV series of all genres can be found in this proudly Filipino video on demand app. In less than a year since launching in 2020, Viva’s own streaming service business has already reached one million subscribers, making it the fastest growing in the Philippines. They have already expanded their global reach to 71 territories since going live.

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Viu. A leading pan-regional video streaming service, Viu offers Favorite Korean Dramas, Reality & Variety Shows, Japanese Dramas & Anime, Chinese Dramas, Thai Dramas, Viu Originals, TagDubOnViu for free. He recently released his first original Filipino musical narrative series “Still” which stars Julie Anne San Jose, Christian Bautista, Bituin Escalante and Gab Pangilinan, among others.

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iWantTFC. Owned and operated by ABS-CBN, iWantTFC stores over 10,000 hours of content and programming, over 1,000 movies, and multiple on-demand live and video-on-demand channels. Most of its content and films are produced by divisions of ABS-CBN Corporation such as ABS-CBN Entertainment and ABS-CBN Films. In addition, there are over 20 original movies and over 50 original series produced by iWantTFC.

Taking care of your body and mind plays an important role in staying physically and mentally active, especially during these difficult times. For this reason, more and more industries are putting their attention and money into innovative solutions to help people manage their lifestyles and conditions independently.

A good app can be a great way to manage everything. Here are a variety of health, beauty and self-care apps that Filipinos have used in the past year:

Let’s talk. A leading platform for beauty and wellness services in the Philippines, Parlon offers consumers a better and more convenient way to discover and access relevant information. Their partners benefit from an extended online presence and increased visibility, because Parlon adapts to the most complex service menus. From eyebrows or hair to massages, Parlon’s extensive list brings beauty and well-being to clients’ fingertips.

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HomeLab PH. The first mobile app of its kind in the Philippines, HomeLab PH gives Filipinos access to a wide range of medical treatments and services that they can book and use at their home or office. This includes Covid testing and laboratory tests such as hematology, thyroid, hormones, microscopy and microbiology, and immunology-serology. HomeLab’s core services also include diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound for women, X-rays and 2D echoes.

eZConsult. A virtual care network allowing patients to access comprehensive healthcare services wherever they are, eZConsult was co-created with physicians and patients to make their healthcare experiences transparent, simple and safe. Get the right care at the touch of a button – talk to a GP, see a specialist, get medication, get tested, and access platforms that help a person better manage their condition.

KonsultaMD. The largest telehealth company in the Philippines, it is a membership service that allows users to have unlimited 24/7 access to licensed physicians, with no appointment required. You can see a doctor by voice or video call anytime and as often as you want. All calls with KonsultaMD are recorded as confidential medical records and are covered by the same privacy guidelines that regular physicians follow.

Good. A wholly owned subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation which offers a technology-based integrated healthcare platform in the Philippines, mWell is meticulously created for the holistic well-being of Filipinos as it provides professional consultation, wellness programs. -be, products and delivery services. This high performance app is backed by a group of big names in the health, wellness and tech industries.

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Saint-Pierre online store. While the rest of the app and ecommerce on this list is aimed at improving people’s well-being, the St. Peter’s Death Care online store offers products and services for the inevitable death. Accessible by, customers can easily buy and pay online for traditional and pre-cremation plans.

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