The Tokyo 2021 Olympics get a new highlight – a Japanese basketball-playing robot that pulled off a flawless shot on the half court!


At the current Tokyo 2021 Olympics, world-class athletes show off their talent, but a robot stole all the limelight during a basketball game between the United States and France. Demonstrating the early stages of the machine-dominated dystopian future, the seven-foot robot developed by Toyota engineers pulled off a perfect three-point and midfield shot. The oddly designed robot took center stage at the half-time break in Sunday’s showdown which France won by 89-79. Toyota engineers have created this free-throw shooting robot in their spare time for the past two years – and at play – the intelligent machine has beaten human gamers blow for blow. He did perfectly an easy free throw, three point shot and a clear half court shot (just like Stephen Curry) in tandem to wow the crowd!

The robot has a very peculiar bumpy surface, large hands like Kawhi Leonard, a head shape like iRobot, and moves on two wheels to position itself for shots. At first glance, this basketball shooting automaton appears to be the CUE4, the updated version of the CUE3 that set the Guinness World Record in 2019. The robot uses sensors on the torso and a camera eye positioned somewhere around it. of the nose to judge the distance of the shot and angle of the basket. Then the motorized arms and knees flex to make the shot perfectly. However, he’s not as far advanced in eclipsing professional basketball players like Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Sue Bird or A’ja Wilson in a full game. He is moving too slowly and the movement is not that fast either. A Toyota engineer said in 2019 that it would take almost two decades to learn skills like racing or dipping for such robots!

In a free throw duel, this robot is unbeatable because it is consistent day in and day out compared to its human counterparts who are vulnerable to mistakes. The robot is designed to repeat the same action with perfect precision thanks to its AI software, and it doesn’t have to deal with its own monsters – things like the pressure of metal and the stress of a fat man. game. Maybe Toyota can take some inspiration from the design of Boston Dynamics who developed incredible robots like Spot the dog robot and Atlas that made our jaw drop with their inappropriate dance for New Years celebrations.

If this basketball shooting robot can acquire the intelligence and agility of professional basketball players, Mark Cuban would consider getting this basketball robot on his Dallas Mavericks team!

Designer: Toyota

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