‘Visions’ Trailer Unveils Japanese Animated Series


Sub or dub? You have to choose, Anakin!

Well, that was meant to happen: Star wars became anime with his new series Star Wars: Visions.

Reinvent the galaxy with #StarWarsVisions, an original series featuring stories from seven visionary Japanese animation studios, airing September 22 on @DisneyPlus.


The Visions The series will feature nine episodes created by seven different Japanese animation studios.

There will be options to watch the dubbed version and the subtitled version.

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So which one will you choose?

The English dub is packed with talent: Lucy Liu, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Temuera Morrison, David Harbor, Neil Patrick Harris, George Takei and Alison Brie (to name a few).

That being said, I think I’ll stick with the captioned version. This is the first time that Japanese anime studios have got their hands on Star wars, so I want to fully live their way.

The artwork will wow people. I mean, seriously, just look at this picture:

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Check out this video posted on the show last month.

I also like the fact that we mostly get new characters. I can’t wait to find a new favorite character.

Will you watch Star Wars: Vision on Disney Plus on September 22? Comments below!

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